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Dia Internacional de los Bosques para el Desarrollo Sostenible


International Day highlights forests’ role in sustainable energy

Until the advent of fossil fuels, for thousands of years, wood was the primary source of energy for human populations. Today, over 2 billion people worldwide, in rural and urban areas, still rely on wood for their primary energy needs. Wood constitutes the primary source of energy for cooking and heating in many developing countries, where nearly 90 per cent of fuelwood and charcoal is consumed. 

Regions with the greatest incidence of poverty, most notably Sub-Saharan Africa and low income households in Asia, are also the most dependent on fuel wood. At the same time, the use of unsustainably harvested fuelwood, which often occurs in these areas, continues to be a challenge which has negative economic and environmental impacts.
Developing countries are not the only ones dependent on forests for energy. Bio energy from forest biomass (in various forms, including pellets, sticks and sawdust) accounts for about half of Europe’s renewable-energy consumption. Countries across Europe are converting their power plants from using only coal to a mix of coal and wood products to meet renewable “carbon neutral” energy goals.
Technological advancements in the production of biomass energy, along with growing concerns over rising greenhouse gas emissions, make it increasingly likely that biomass energy from forest products will continue to serve as an important source of renewable energy in all countries in the future.
In recognition of these important inter-linkages between forests and energy, the central theme of the 2017 International Day of Forests is “Forests and Energy.” The need for sustainable management of forests and sustainable energy resources has also been recognized in SDGs 7 and SDG 15 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
The International Day of Forests, observed on 21 March every year, provides a global platform to raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests and trees. The United Nations Forum on Forests Secretariat of UN DESA will organize a special event in celebration of the International Day of Forests on 21 March at UN Headquarters in New York, which will highlight how forests and energy are essential for the well-being of local communities and in green infrastructure for economic development.   The event to be held in the ECOSOC Chamber, from 10 am to 1 pm, will also feature remarks by senior UN and government officials, a technical panel discussion as well as a general discussion by UN Member States and UN entities.
The International Day of Forests was established by the UN General Assembly in 2012. Activities held range from scientific conferences and workshops, to art exhibits, tree-planting and community-level events. The theme of the International Day reflects the multi-faceted aspects of forests, highlighting the many ways forests contribute to our daily lives and global sustainability.
For more information: International Day of Forests
Photo credit: UN Photo/Olivier Chassot

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Difundimos webinar organizado por el Centro Regional de Cambio Climático y Toma de Decisiones, en conjunto con LatinClima y la Earth Journalism Network de Internews. 

"Alcances del Acuerdo en París y oportunidades para América Latina." Webinario con Christiana Figueres, Secretaria Ejecutiva de la Convención Marco de Naciones Unidas sobre Cambio Climático (CMNUCC). 

El seminario tiene por objetivo analizar el alcance del Acuerdo de París, resultado de la COP21, de la mano de la secretaria ejecutiva de la CMNUCC, al tiempo que expondrá sobre las oportunidades que representa para los países de América Latina. El mismo tendrá lugar el jueves 14 de abril de 2016 a las 9:00 hs. (CR) 12 hs. (UY)

Dirigido a periodistas y comunicadores, tanto de medios de comunicación o independientes, como de instituciones vinculadas en la temática. 

Para registrarse completar el formulario en línea aquí

Ficha técnica: 
Día: jueves 14 de abril de 2016 
Hora: 9.00 CR - 12.00 Uy
Duración: 1 hora 
Link de registro: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/831478554111928324Al registrarse recibirá un correo de confirmación con información sobre cómo unirse al seminario web.

* Ha recibido este correo porque ha participado de las actividades del Centro y creemos puede ser de su interés.

Paula Bianchi Cobertti
Cel.+ 598 99 808 480
Prensa y Comunicación
Centro Regional de Cambio Climático y Toma de Decisiones

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Updates from ICLEI's Global Sustainability Network Edition #33 March 2016

Updates from ICLEI's Global Sustainability Network
Edition #33 March 2016

James Nxumalo
Mayor, eThekwini Municipality/Durban, South Africa
Dear ICLEI Friends and Colleagues,
Each year, an increasing number of countries are impacted by climate change. Last month, Cyclone Winston killed at least 29 people in Fiji, while 2015 saw destructive flooding in India, Malawi and Mozambique, along with severe drought in Ethiopia.
Cities must increase resilience to these kinds of shocks by incorporating resilience into all aspects of planning. This means, for example, addressing the fact that almost all natural disasters damage informal settlements most heavily, destroying not just homes and livelihoods but social cohesion and economic prosperity.
We must also ensure that economic development in our cities does not come at the expense of resilience – in all of its forms. This might mean tackling financial inequality or regulating the development of housing and office space to ensure adequate buffer zones or green areas.
On 22 April, national governments must sign the Paris Agreement from COP21 last December, in which cities were acknowledged as key stakeholders in the global climate regime. With this increased support from nations, cities must now accelerate implementation of climate change adaptation as well as mitigation measures.
The opportunities and barriers to implementing integrated resilience will be discussed and debated at Resilient Cities 2016, ICLEI’s annual global forum on urban resilience and adaptation. Taking place from 6-8 July in Bonn, Germany, Resilient Cities 2016 will have a particular focus on inclusion, finance and global processes, while covering a wide range of themes during three days of presentations and workshops.
I encourage local and subnational governments, academics, students, technical advisors, engineers, risk managers, adaptation experts and anyone with a strong interest in urban resilience to join ICLEI at Resilient Cities 2016.
With kind regards,

James Nxumalo
Mayor, eThekwini Municipality/Durban; ICLEI First Vice President and Co-Chair of Resilient City Strategies; Co-Patron Resilient Cities 2016
Highlighted Events
News and Opportunities for your ICLEI Calendar 

Resilient Cities 2016: Early Bird Extension & Exhibition Reminder

The deadline for the Early Bird discount for Resilient Cities 2016 has been extended to 1 May. Register now to secure your reduced ticket fee for the congress. If you would like to showcase your work as an exhibitor and benefit from direct contact with participants, please write to resilient.cities@iclei.org.
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Global News
Updates from ICLEI's Global Sustainability Network 
ICLEI Calls for Innovation and Scaling Up in Urban Financing Ahead of Habitat III
As representatives gathered for a Habitat III preparatory meeting in Mexico City, ICLEI continued to encourage policy makers and financial institutions to focus on innovation and scaling up as part of discussions on urban development financing. Ongoing collaborative initiatives, including the Compact of Mayors and the Transformative Actions Program (TAP) can play an important role in this process.
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ICLEI Gap Analysis Report Highlights $9 Billion Requirement

A new report from ICLEI shows that implementing all 120 projects submitted to the Trasnformative Actions Program (TAP) will require a total investment of at least USD 9 billion, an amount that triples the total financing secured by the Green Climate Fund in its 2015 portfolio.
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ICLEI Joins Campaign for IPCC Special Report on Cities and Climate Change

The South African government has submitted a proposal for an IPCC Special Report on Cities and Climate Change, to be included in the upcoming 6th Assessment Report (AR6). ICLEI has joined C40 and other actors in campaigning for this proposal, which would consolidate the role of cities as key players in global climate action.
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Resilient Cities Asia-Pacific Highlights Key Global Resilience Themes

The second Resilient Cities Asia-Pacific (RCAP) congress, which took place in Melaka, Malaysia on 2-4 March 2016, highlighted the particularities of resilience-building in the Asia-Pacific region while connecting these challenges to the many resilience issues with broader global relevance.
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Local Action
Snippets of Local Action from around the Globe 
ICLEI to Manage Low Emissions Asian Development Partnership
ICLEI South Asia, in partnership with ICLEI South East Asia and ICLEI East Asia, has been awarded the management of the Asia LEDS Partnership Secretariat. The Asia LEDS Partnership is one of three regional platforms of the LEDS Global Partnership, an initiative launched in 2011 that accelerates low-emissions development in cities.
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Medellin Wins Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize

Medellin, Colombia, has been awarded the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize in recognition of its pioneering efforts on urban sustainability, including the construction of the Metrocable urban transport system. ICLEI congratulates Medellin on this achievement and looks forward to the ongoing success of its sustainability initiatives.
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Coimbatore Sets a Guinness World Record

12,994 participants attended the world's largest ever recycling lesson, organized by Coimbatore Municipal Corporation. The city aimed to generate a better understanding of community involvement in source segregation, litter collection, and waste handling and disposal. ICLEI South Asia assisted with the event.
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Ashok Sridharan Welcomes UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for Bonn Anniversary

On the 20th anniversary of Bonn as a UN city, the Mayor of Bonn and ICLEI Global Executive Committee member Ashok Shridaran welcomed UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at the World Conference Center Bonn. Mayor Sridharan highlighted how Bonn works with numerous agencies and organizations located in the city to further a common vision for urban sustainability.
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Would you like to see your local sustainability story featured?
Contact media@iclei.org
ICLEI's 10 Urban Agendas for Sustainable Cities in Focus 
Budapest and the City of Tshwane Join the Global Sustainable Procurement Network
The Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Procurement has welcomed two new participants: Budapest, Hungary and the City of Tshwane, South Africa. By signing the commitments document, both cities have expressed their intent to play a leading role in the implementation of sustainable public procurement (SPP).
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Join the Global District Energy in Cities Initiative

The Global District Energy in Cities Initiative (DES Initiative) helps local governments and stakeholders to accelerate the uptake of modern district energy. Are you engaged in or planning district energy projects? Share your needs in the online survey and benefit from this major cooperative enterprise.
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Urban Resilience: From Surviving to Thriving

How has the term "resilience" come to be used in urban debates? Laura Kavanaugh, our Resilient Cities Team Leader, explores the history of the concept and explains the opportunities it now offers. Don't forget to register for the global Resilient Cities 2016 congress in July!
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New Blog Series Highlights Paradoxes of Smart Cities

The first in a three-part blog series explains the Jevons paradox and its relevance to the development of smart cities. ICLEI invites everyone interested in smart cities to join the Smart CITIES 2.0 conference at Metropolitan Solutions 2016.
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"8th European Conference...": Image (Basque Government) by "Mikel Arrazola".
"Medellin Wins...": Image courtesy of Municipality of Medellin

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Boletin Latin Clima - Red de Comunicación en Cambio Climático

LatinClima es una vitrina para que comunicadores, expertos y organizaciones en el campo del cambio climático den a  conocer su trabajo a audiencias más amplias a nivel latinoamericano.
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LatinClima - Red de Comunicación en Cambio Climático
abril de 2016   |   No. 10

Red internacional profundizará en la problemática y gestión de suelos en América Latina



Webinario para comunicadores con Christiana Figueres

14 de abril de 2016

Webinario organizado por LatinClima, la Earth Journalism Network de Internews y el Centro Regional de Cambio Climático y Toma de Decisiones.
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Cuando el negocio es también conservar la biodiversidad

29 de marzo de 2016  •  LatinClima

Cómo la conservación de la biodiversidad empieza a ser utilizada como argumento empresarial de peso.
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14 de abril de 2016

Webinario sobre el Acuerdo de París y oportunidades para América Latina

27 de agosto de 2015

Ceremonia de firma del Acuerdo de París

Nueva York, EE.UU


27 al 29 de 2016

Congreso Mundial de Derecho Ambiental

Río de Janeiro, Brasil

INDCs y participación ciudadana en América Latina.

Materiales de taller sobre financiación climática

Estudios sobre efectos y medidas sobre efectos del cambio climático en América Latina

Guía Periodística Agenda Verde.

Becas periodísticas para participar en el Congreso Mundial de Conservación de la UICN

En línea

La Earth Journalism Network de Internews hace un llamado a becas para periodistas interesados en cubrir el Congreso Mundial de Conservación de la UICN, por celebrarse en septiembre en Hawaii, Estados Unidos. 

Taller Municipios Sostenibles y Resilientes: construyendo medidas de mitigación y adaptación al cambio climático a escala local

Montevideo, Uruguay

Curso del Cerntro de Formación de la Cooperacion Española en Montevideo,. 

Curso en línea sobre fundamentos del cambio climático


Curso abierto de autoaprendizaje creado en una colaboración del Banco Mundial con el BID
Blog LatinClima
Cambio climático y seguridad

30 de marzo de 2016  •  Patricio Roulier Pazos (Punto Focal para Americas de la división juvenil de la Red de Naciones Unidas para Soluciones en Desarrollo Sostenible)

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